It’s that time of year again—time for New Year’s resolutions! The new year reminds everyone that there are so many improvements that they can make to their lives. Popular New Year’s resolutions usually involve going to the gym, eating healthy, or starting a new good habit. These resolutions are all about being healthier and happier. But it’s important to remember that sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to expand our awareness and help those around us. We live in a community, and supporting each other is an overlooked way to make all of our lives better. 

What if your New Year’s resolution was to give a certain amount to charity? Or to help those in your community who need a little extra boost? Making a charitable donation, especially on a monthly basis, is a great way to form a connection with your community and help create the kind of world you want to live in. Plus, donating to charity is actually great for your mental and physical health.

What is Monthly Giving?

Monthly giving refers to a recurring monthly charitable donation to a cause of your choice. It’s usually an automatic system you can sign up for through the nonprofit. The organization will usually give you several options for how to pay and let you set your desired amount. This makes the process user-friendly and easy to sign up for.

There are a lot of nonprofits that could benefit from your donations, so think about what cause is close to your heart and what change you want to see in the world.

Why Give Monthly?

Monthly giving is a great way to support a nonprofit because it’s a reliable and predictable source of funding. Knowing that they are getting a certain amount each month gives the organization an idea of their budget and how to plan accordingly. One-time donations are great because every donation helps, but they are not predictable. They may also come all at once during a fundraiser and then slow down for a while. Monthly donations provide extra cushion for nonprofits during slower times between events or fundraisers. This lets them continue operations as usual or even expand and grow.

And monthly giving is an excellent system because you don’t have to worry about it after you sign up. Enter your information once, and your donation will be automatic until you stop it. That means you don’t have to think about it, and it won’t become one more thing to worry about each month.    

What Advantages are There to Monthly Giving?

Besides being great for nonprofits, monthly giving is great for you! Your donations will help a cause close to your heart, and you can feel great knowing that even a small monthly donation will make a big impact in the long run. That’s because the money you give becomes part of a support system for someone in need.

And amazingly, knowing that you’re doing something good by helping others is good for your health. Being selfless and helping others regularly can help boost your mood and self-esteem, which in turn helps your mental health. Feeling good about yourself can help against common problems like anxiety and depression. And good mental health has a direct effect on physical health. Reduced stress has been linked to a reduced chance of disease and a longer life expectancy. 

All this means that even giving 5 dollars a month can give you a significant mood boost because you know you’re helping others in need. It’s no secret: Helping others makes you feel great about yourself! 

What Disadvantages are There to Monthly Giving?

There are a few potential disadvantages to monthly giving to keep in mind. Because it’s automatic, you might forget about it. This could be a problem for people with very tight budgets. No matter how well you plan your spending, it’s easy to forget an automatic payment and overdraw your account. 

And even if you don’t forget about it, you may have to take the time to cancel your donation to the nonprofit if you don’t think you can afford it anymore. There’s no shame in taking care of yourself first, but it can turn into a hassle to remember to go and cancel the payment before it hits your bank account.

Give Monthly to Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa

But if you’re able to give monthly, Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is a great organization to consider. Meals on Wheels is a nationwide program that ensures that vulnerable, homebound seniors get healthy meals delivered to their doorsteps. 

Many of these seniors cannot get to grocery stores or cook meals for themselves. They are usually homebound because of long-term health or mobility problems and, without help, would be forced to leave their homes and move into group living facilities. But here at Meals on Wheel, we believe everyone has the right to live with dignity and age in their own homes whenever possible. Meals on Wheels delivers meals and creates a support system that keeps seniors healthy and in their own homes. 

While Meals on Wheel receives federal funding, it’s not enough to keep up with the growing needs of the senior population. But as a community we can come together and make a difference. And when you donate to Meals on Wheels, it’s easy to see where your money goes because each donation puts food directly on the tables of seniors who otherwise might not get a healthy meal. 

Why Monthly Giving is Right for You

This year, take the opportunity to choose a New Year’s resolution you can stick to, which will also help build a better world for all of us. Monthly giving is a great way to start helping those around you and help yourself. It’s also a spectacular way to support a cause you’re passionate about because regular donations let nonprofits plan ahead and grow their organization. Charitable giving is also great for your mental and physical health because it boosts your mood and self-esteem.

Meals on Wheels is a great choice if you plan to start donating to nonprofits this year. It’s easy to see the difference your contributions make in the eyes of the seniors receiving delivered meals. The program can be truly life changing for them, and being a part of the change is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. It’s also easy to see the importance of the program because someday you or your loved ones might also need a little extra help and programs like Meals on Wheels are well established and ready. Investing in good organizations now means that they can grow over the years and help more and more people in need.

Monthly giving has several advantages, but make sure it’s the right decision for you and your situation before you sign up. And if you can’t afford to donate monthly, there are other ways to help those in need. 

Check out the Meals on Wheels page for other donation and volunteer options. Remember that even one donation or a few hours of volunteering can make a massive difference in the lives of homebound seniors.