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Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa was founded in 1990 with the goal to bridge the widening gap between an ever increasing number of frail homebound elders in need of Meals on Wheels in our county and insufficient government funding for these critical services. Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is a coalition of all the public agencies, non-profit organizations, and senior citizen advisory groups involved in providing Meals on Wheels services to frail homebound elders in Contra Costa County. Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is the only agency in our county raising funds to provide the meals delivered to homebound elders served by the countywide Meals on Wheels Program.

Our Organization

Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is a California Nonprofit Corporation recognized as a charitable organization under Section 501c(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
Fed Tax ID 68·0231350

What We Do

Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa Subsidizes the Cost of Meals for the Following Organizations:

  • West County Meals on Wheels
  • Meals on Wheels Diablo Region
  • J-Sei

How We Help

Senior citizens aged 80 and older, are the fastest growing population segment in Contra Costa County. The average Meals on Wheels participant in Contra Costa County is 80 years old, lives alone or with a co-dependent spouse, and has one or more chronic health conditions that prevents them from preparing or shopping for nutritious daily meals. Most live below the Bay Area basic low income standards and many must choose among paying for food, medicines, rent or utilities with their meager resources. Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa must find the community resources to meet this rapidly growing need.

Thanks to generous contributions we receive from individuals like you, as well as gifts from charitable organizations, we are able to subsidize over 1.5 million nutritious meals annually; delivered to frail, nutritionally at-risk homebound elders in their residences in Contra Costa County.

Meals on Wheels Contra Costa Income Graph
Meals on Wheels Contra Costa Expenses Graph

Our Team

Jacquelynne Livings

Operations Manager


Elise Lozano

Development Coordinator


Maisie Carney

Development Assistant


The MoWCC Office Team
members of the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels Contra Costa

Board of Directors

Robert M. Sessler
  • Co-founder, President/Board Chair
Lorna Van Ackeren
  • Vice President
A. Paul Kraintz
  • Co-founder, Secretary/Treasurer
Jacquelynne C. Livings
  • Operations Manager
Gail Garrett
  • Member at Large
Richard C. San Vicente
  • Member at Large
Martin S. Johnson
  • Member at Large
Matthew Avedikian
  • Member at Large
Ana Bagtas
  • Member at Large

For more information about the MOWCC board, please contact Jacquelynne Livings at jacquelynne.livings@cchealth.org

How You Can Get Involved

Call (866) 669-6697 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are the backbone of Meals on Wheels. Many volunteer opportunities exist. There is a continual need for drivers on over 90 local routes.

Receive Services

Meals on Wheels serves homebound seniors 60 or older who are no longer able to prepare their own meals. Read more about eligibility and services.


Meals on Wheels relies on your generosity to subsidize nutritious meals delivered to over 2,600 homebound elders in Contra Costa County daily.

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News & Updates

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