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West Contra Costa County

At Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, we have the privilege of supporting and working for over 950 residents. We love the clients we get to know and have the opportunity to help. Our goal is to be the organization that every member of our community can turn to when they need any type of help or support with food insecurity or aging resources. On average we provide over 190,000 meals a year in this area.
There is a lot to West Contra Costa County, as our residents know. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. West Contra Costa’s population as of the 2010 census was 258,099 and rose to 270,382 by the 2020 census.

Area Attractions

There are several area attractions that visitors and residents get to enjoy. Here are some that stand out and make West Contra Costa County as unique as it is.

Point Pinole Regional Park

Point Pinole Regional Park is a park located in Richmond, California. The park became open to the public back in 1973. The site was previously owned by Bethlehem Steel. There were many companies that owned it prior to Bethlehem, which all typically manufactured some type of dynamite or gunpowder.

The park offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, picnicking, bird watching, and more. The park also features a visitor center as well as a coastal nature trail. Whether you’re looking for a fun family day out or some peace and quiet to rejuvenate yourself, Point Pinole Regional Park is the perfect place to visit!

Point Pinole Map

Riveter National Historical Park

Riveter National Historical Park is a national park located in Contra Costa County, California. The park preserves the site of a World War II-era shipbuilding facility, as well as nearby industrial sites. Riveter National Historical Park is home to several shipyards that were built during World War II to repair ships damaged by the war.

The park is often known best for its memorial to Rosie the Riveter. She’s the icon from World War II who encouraged women to help out on the home front when it came to working in factories and shipyards across the United States. The park, and the Rosie the Riveter memorial, are open seven days a week for visitors to come in and learn more.

Riveter National Historical Park

Non-Profits in the Area

Here at Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa County, we work with several non-profit partners to get resources to for those in need. Our West Contra Costa County partners have tremendous heart and creativity., we work with two in specific.

Meals on Wheels West Contra Costa Region logo

West Contra Costa Meals on Wheels, Inc

We partner with West Contra Costa Meals on Wheels, Inc. to help provide nutritious meals and home meal delivery options for residents in this area. They also help provide some of the visitation services to residents in this area, providing much-needed support to residents in need.

JSEI logo

J-SEI, Inc.

Another organization we partner with is JSei, Inc. This company provides Japanese cultural meal options. They provide meals and nutrition resources to people within the city of El Cerrito, California.

Cities We Operate In

Here is an overview of some of the amazing cities that make up West Contra Costa County. If you or someone you know lives in one and needs help or has the time or financial means to volunteer, please contact us today!

West Contra Costa County CA

Crockett, California

Previously known as Crockettville when it was founded back in 1881, Crockett, California, falls within the East Bay area of San Francisco. The area is small at just over one square mile, but it holds a population of just over 3000 residents. One of the top businesses in the area is a sugar refinery known to most of us as C&H Sugar.

El Cerrito, California

The city of El Cerrito was founded back in 1917 and was originally known by the name of Rust. It is part of the larger San Francisco Bay area. It makes up over 3,500 square miles, making it one of the larger cities in the area. The population is over 25,000 residents. Over the years, the city has been known as the home of several quarries and a lot of nightlife. El Cerrito is home to Nation’s Foodservice, Inc., which is the parent company for Nation’s Giant Hamburgers.

El Sobrante, California

El Sobrante means “the surplus” in Spanish, and that is what people of this area love – the surplus of beautiful views and friendly faces. This city has a lengthy history, but dates back to the 1700s when it comes to the official founding of this land. El Sobrante is part of the Northeast section of the Bay area and is just over 3,000 square miles in total area. There are over 12,000 residents that call this gorgeous area home.

Hercules, California

The city of Hercules, California, started off as a factory. It was initially a dynamite factory with a uniquely patented formula known commonly as Hercules powder that started in 1881 and became an incorporated city in 1900. It is on the Northeastern shore of the San Pablo Bay and is approximately 20 square miles in size. There are just over 25,000 residents in Hercules, and many still call this beautiful city the dynamic city on the bay.

Kensington, California

Located in the Eastern part of the Bay area, Kensington, California, is a small unincorporated community of people. At a mere 612 acres, the population of just over 5,000 people is tight-knit. Kensington is best known for being one of the most highly educated communities anywhere within the United States. It happens to be home to a vast number of both current and former professors who worked at UC Berkeley.

Rodeo, California

Rodeo, California, is an unincorporated city within Contra Costa County. It is considered a suburb of Oakland and is home to over 10,000 people. The town itself is just over 7 square miles, but it has been the home of several famous people in its time. Two of the most notable people to grow up and leave Rodeo include Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong, both from the band Green Day.

Pinole, California

Pinole was first incorporated in June of 1903, and now it is home to nearly 20,000 residents. The area is almost 12 square miles. It is mainly known for its shopping, including a district for big box stores off Fitzgerald drive, plus the shopping center known as Pinole Vista Shopping Center. These are big draws from both those who live in the area as well as those simply passing through.

Point Richmond, California

Point Richmond is a neighborhood within the larger city of Richmond, California. Over 100,000 people call Richmond, including the area many call “The Point” home. It is very well known for its breathtaking views of the area. The city has many options for residents and visitors, including swimming at a historical pool, walking the hiking trails, a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, and a theater producing plays for over a half-a-century.

Port Costa, California

Port Costa is one of the smallest areas within West Contra Costa County. It is a mere 101 acres and has a population of fewer than 250 residents. It was founded in 1879 as a stop for the transcontinental railroad and still feels as if the town belongs in that period, according to many. The charming village boasts amazing views since the main focus is the port. It is less than an hour from San Francisco but offers people who live or visit a totally different feel because of its Mayberry qualities.

Richmond, California

Richmond, California, incorporates many smaller neighborhoods and suburbs. The total population in this area is just over 110,000 people. It was incorporated in August 1905, and its population has grown significantly since. There is a lot of history that goes into Richmond, CA, especially when it comes to naval history. The Richmond shipyards constructed more warships than anywhere else in the nation and have a museum dedicated to this at the waterfront.

North Richmond, California

The area known as North Richmond is an unincorporated part of Contra Costa County. It is home to just over 4,000 residents, which is a lot considering the area is only 1.5 square miles. The history of North Richmond dates back to BC, and several tribes settled this land over time. The area really started to get its current feel starting with WWII and people moving into the area to help build ships. The most common industries in this area include shipping, rails, and petroleum.

San Pablo, California

Incorporated in April of 1948, the city of San Pablo is one of the more metropolitan areas on this list. It is home to a little over 30,000 people and is less than 3 square miles in size. San Pablo is also less than one hour from one of the more famous attractions in West Contra Costa County, Fisherman’s Wharf. The city is known for its modern feel, especially when compared to many of its surrounding cities, along with the Seven Crater Lakes.

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