Getting quality meals as we get older shouldn’t be a challenge!

Organizations like Meals on Wheels Contra Costa are making it easier for seniors to get the meals they need, when they need them, so that they can thrive in their own homes. According to Feeding America, “In 2019, 5.2 million seniors aged 60+ faced hunger. That’s 1 in 14 seniors or 7.1% of all seniors. 63% of seniors visiting food banks say they have to choose between food and medical care.”

Because of statistics like this, Meals on Wheels for seniors has become more critical than ever. This is why we’re doing our part to support seniors by offering a program that delivers meals.

About Our Contra Costa Senior Meals Program

Meals on Wheels Contra Costa is a program specifically designed to support seniors as they age in place. Our overall mission is to empower homebound seniors by providing regular healthy meals when they need them. Each year, Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa provides over 415,000 meals to the community and is the only organization in the county that raises funds to provide the meals delivered through the countywide Meals on Wheels program. Beyond our meal delivery services, there are even more positive benefits to joining the Meals on Wheels program, which you’ll learn about below.


6 Other Ways Meals On Wheels Supports SeniorsOther Ways Meals On Wheels Supports Seniors

Supporting and empowering seniors to live healthy and happy lifestyles is another huge goal of ours.

While providing seniors with nutritious home-delivered meals is our primary mission, seniors get more than just a well-prepared meal.

With Meals on Wheels, we’re also:

  1. Supporting seniors to live independently and confidently.
  2. Giving seniors access to a network of kind people.
  3. Allowing a caring volunteer to check on the client weekly.
  4. Providing them with the proper nutrition they might not be able to acquire for themselves.
  5. Making it a low-cost meal option ($5.00 per meal!).
  6. Allowing family members and friends who live far away to sign up on a senior’s behalf.

So, along with all these benefits above, why not sign up for the program?

Learn more about getting started and how seniors can feel more empowered at home, by reading on.

Who Qualifies for Meals on Wheels?

With over 175,000 seniors living in Contra Costa, it’s important that we help give seniors access to nutritious meals in case they’re not equipped to produce meals on their own.

So, who qualifies for Meals on Wheels?

Typically, seniors ages 60 – 100 will benefit most from our Meals on Wheels program. In addition to this age demographic, seniors usually qualify because they are:

  • Homebound
  • Disabled or experiencing physical challenges
  • Living in a food desert or rural areas
  • Unable to drive
  • Experiencing financial challenges
  • At risk for malnutrition
  • Without a close family member or friend to support them

If you or someone you love lives in Contra Costa and fits one of these scenarios, they may qualify for Meals on Wheels.

Not sure if you or your loved one qualifies? Contact the subcontracting organization that serves your area to inquire further, and they’ll be able to help with the application process.


Getting Easy and Frequent Meal DeliveriesGetting Easy and Frequent Meal Deliveries With Contra Costa Meals on Wheels

With our deliveries, seniors no longer need to worry about if or when they will eat their next meal, providing them with peace of mind every day. If you or a loved one qualifies for one of the reasons above, the next step will be getting the meals delivered. So how will you receive meals once your application is approved?

Let’s get into the specifics.

When are the meals delivered?

Prior to COVID-19, hot meals were delivered daily by a  Meals on Wheels volunteer. Presently, while taking extra precautions during this time, Meals on Wheels volunteers are delivering frozen meals to qualifying seniors once a week. This may change as pandemic protocols and safety precautions continue to develop.

How long does it take for meals to be delivered?

Each week on the day of delivery, our volunteers take about an hour and a half to deliver meals for the entirety of a route. Where you fall on the delivery schedule just depends on the most effective route for the delivery driver. After receiving a few deliveries, clients will learn what time to usually expect their delivery.


Can I Set Up Meals on Wheels Services for Someone?

Setting up Meals on Wheels for a loved one in is encouraged and makes the process of qualifying easier for seniors. Some seniors may be able to sign up for this program on their own. However, if you think someone you love may benefit from the Meals on Wheels program, you’re more than welcome to get involved in the program on their behalf. Meals on Wheels for seniors can be set up in 3 steps. You can also simply contact the subcontracting organization that serves your area today to get started.


Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is Your Agency for Meal Assistance!

Our healthy senior meals and the added benefits of the program are what make us a preferred option for seniors who need nutritional support in Contra Costa County. We make getting meals easy, and we love supporting our senior community.

Learn more about the program and apply to the program by contacting the subcontracting organization that serves your area. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have!