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This week is National Malnutrition Week and we are turning our attention to our frail homebound seniors. Today, the service is as vital and valid as ever.  It enables the vulnerable and elderly to live independently in their own homes for longer, keeping them nourished and hydrated with a nutritious daily meal (in many cases the only one they will have each day), and providing an essential preventative service that reduces costly malnutrition-related admissions to hospital.

It is, however, so much more than just a meal. It is, for many, a social life line. The delivery of a meal brings regular human contact that eases the devastating isolation and loneliness many elderly endure. It also provides much-needed wellbeing and safety checks, crucial for those that may not see anyone else during the day. Your support is essential for Contra Costa’s aging population.

Bobbi shares the importance of her daily delivered meal and why your donations are critical to our seniors health and wellness.


Please donate to Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, so no frail homebound elder goes hungry or feels isolated.

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