Volunteering means giving back to the community in any capacity that you can.

Deciding to volunteer can be an easy decision for some, but others might want to volunteer but aren’t sure where to start. That’s why we put together this handy guide about different Spring volunteer options, some for kids and some for adults. We will also highlight any volunteer opportunities for high school students!


Become Part of the Reading Partners

Many organizations and libraries have plenty of opportunities to become part of their reading partners program. Although the program might not be called “reading partners,” the premise is mostly the same.

Students, parents, and community members can participate in reading challenges, practice their reading through group sessions, or even read to the elderly or to shelter animals. Many nursing homes and animal shelters appreciate it when volunteers show up to read to the residents and animals. There are various options for reading, which are perfect volunteer opportunities for high school students!

Reading Partners is also a national nonprofit that helps children become lifelong readers with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. They currently have programs in the Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Silicon Valley areas. This incredible nonprofit organization has many volunteering options, including working directly with students in schools!


Become a Nursing Home Volunteer

Become-a-Nursing-Home-VolunteerThere are nursing homes in our community that are looking for volunteers! Many of these roles are helping the residents engage and could be assisting them through various activities.

Many nursing homes list their volunteer options as:


  • Bingo volunteers: anyone who likes bingo and knows the rules can help run or play games with the seniors!
  • Transport volunteers: Help the seniors get wherever they need to go.
  • Activity volunteers: Read to the seniors, run games, help tidy up or set up for events; there are many options for these volunteers.
  • Housekeeping volunteers: These volunteers might help existing nursing or housekeeping staff keep the resident’s homes and areas clean and tidy.
  • Nursing volunteers: Nursing homes might have openings for volunteer nurses who could help residents with their medications. This could require additional training or certifications.


If you want to be a nursing-home volunteer, the minimum age is fifteen: this is a United States minimum requirement. This means many students will still need to be accompanied by an adult, but many teens and parents could find this volunteer option as one that lets them spend time together and make friends at the nursing home!


Become a Food Bank Volunteer

Become-a-Meals-on-Wheels-VolunteerFood banks are places where all ages can potentially volunteer, and so can big groups. Many food banks have packing operations for delivery, and others give food directly to those who need it. Both activities require standing, bending, and carrying potentially heavy boxes, so this is also the perfect volunteer activity to get a workout in!

Being a food bank volunteer is one activity that directly helps lessen food scarcity in the United States. There are many ways to participate as well, from donating food to helping to stock and shelve it.


Become a Meals on Wheels Volunteer


Before 2020, food scarcity was a significant problem for seniors in our community who are older, live in rural areas, and are home-bound. Getting access to nutritious meals became even more difficult since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, food scarcity is an even bigger problem across our great nation.

That means more seniors than ever need our help and services. As a Meals on Wheels volunteer for our partners, there are many opportunities where students and adults can volunteer their time and effort. One of the leading volunteer positions our partners need is delivery drivers, who ensure our senior clients get their meals exactly when they need them.

There are age restrictions for delivery drivers for anyone looking specifically for volunteer opportunities for high school students. However, our partners do have other volunteering options more suitable for students.

Becoming a volunteer for Meals on Wheels is a wonderful way to help seniors in our community receive nutritious food and give them peace of mind that a friend is checking in on them, either daily or weekly!



Volunteer with Our Office


If you are looking for volunteer opportunities for high school students, our office has plenty of space for you! Here in our Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa office, we are always looking for volunteers who are willing to help with events and administration work, which is suitable for many children, teenagers, and families.

Volunteering is one way that many of our older teenage volunteers are able to apply for their college admissions. Volunteering looks great on a college application, and these teenagers are giving back to our Contra Costa seniors!

Apply to become a volunteer here!