The holidays are quickly approaching, and decorating your home inside helps get everyone in the holiday spirit! 

For many people, decorating is a tradition that involves the whole family. But the cost can add up. Between wreaths, lights, ornaments, and a tree, you can easily use up your holiday budget before you even start buying gifts. Here are some holiday decorating tips to decorate your home without breaking the bank.  

Add to Existing Traditions

When you go to start decorating, don’t forget the traditions of your family! Take what you love about your traditions and try to find a way to work them into your holiday designs. You may have to downsize a little or go for more budget-friendly options, but nothing beats recreating happy memories from previous holidays. 

Perhaps you could create a holiday tradition where family and friends swap holiday decorations – everyone could put a couple of items in a pile. There are plenty of games that you could play that would let each person pick out something new! 

Go for a Walk and Find Some Objects

It might sound a little silly, but there are traditional fall decorations all around you. Next time you’re going for a walk, collect some pine cones or pretty fall leaves. If you find a really lovely flat rock go ahead and grab it. Many items you find daily in your yard or on a walk can be used to create holiday decor. Even better, this method is free! Sourcing decoration from nature doesn’t cost any money. 

Create some Home Crafts

Using found objects or less expensive items from a store, you can let your creativity loose and make some of your own decorations. For example, found things like leaves, branches, and pine cones can be used to create a wreath or other holiday door decorations. Rocks can be painted to look like presents or snowmen. There are so many options and ideas online. The only limit is your imagination.


Dollar Store Decorations

Hitting up a Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or any discount store will allow you to stock up on less expensive decorations or materials. You can use the decorations as is or use them with your craft materials to make custom decorations. Let your imagination go wild! You could create custom ornaments, wall hangings, or wreaths. And you can always incorporate pictures of your family or other meaningful pictures in these crafts.  

Thrift Store Decorations

The great thing about thrift stores is you never know what you’re going to find. You can stock up on cheap and cute decorations, and you can find something amazing for a great price. Like with dollar stores, you can find something you can modify at home to make a great customized decoration. Or you might find the perfect decoration for your space just sitting in the store and waiting for you. You’ll never know until you go and look for yourself. Some thrift stores even have an online presence now if there is no physical location near you.

Discount Christmas Trees

If you celebrate Christmas, getting a tree is one of the significant traditions for the holiday. Some people like real trees, and some prefer artificial ones. But there are options for everyone. Thrift stores will usually have a selection of artificial trees around the holidays that can be purchased at discount prices. 

Depending on the tree and where you buy it, real trees will usually cost less than an excellent artificial tree, but they last for years, and a real tree will have to be thrown out in a few weeks.

Buying an artificial tree earlier is usually better because stores may be out of stock by Christmas. But if you want a real tree, the best prices are a few days before Christmas. But this leaves little time to enjoy your tree before the holiday. 

There is another option, though. Like your other decorations, you can bring out your crafty side and make your own Christmas tree. People have made them out of all kinds of materials, including ribbon, paper, and pegboard. The important part is that you have fun with it and are proud to show off your creation.

Inside Lights 

Many people enjoy having lights strung up inside their living spaces to make them more festive. LED lights are bright, come in many colors, and save on your electricity bill. They can also be put up in a variety of places. Many people have them on a Christmas tree, but they can also be hung up around the house on stairwells, shelves, and other furniture. Buying timers for your lights means that you don’t ever have to worry about them. They will turn on and off when you want them too.

Outside LightsCreate some Home Crafts

Putting holiday lights up on the outside of your house can be a time-consuming and physically demanding project. Luckily there are holiday decorating services that will do the work for you. And you can even save money on these services if you already have your own lights, extension cords, and timers. They will hang lights that highlight the main focal points of your space, including the roof line and trees in the yard.

Get Decorations Early

Timing is everything if you want the best deals on decorations. Many holiday decorations go up in stores before October and go on sale around Thanksgiving. But there are also usually sales a few days before Christmas. You can always do a little research and find out when the item you want is most likely to be on sale and get the best prices.

Share the Joy

Remember that these decorations should bring you and your loved ones joy. No matter the cost, holiday decorations should remind everyone of their good memories and help you make new memories for the years to come.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa is a senior meal delivery service. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to eat healthy meals. However, for many people, especially homebound seniors living alone, it’s challenging to get groceries or cook healthy and nutritious meals regularly. Our senior meal delivery program is designed to ensure that vulnerable homebound seniors have a reliable source of healthy food year-round.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to eat healthy meals. However, for many people, especially seniors living alone, it may be challenging to get groceries or cook healthy and nutritious meals regularly. Our senior meal delivery program is designed to ensure that vulnerable seniors have a reliable source of healthy food.

We also have other senior outreach services, including a check-in program where the volunteer delivers the meals checks in with residents as they provide. This way, we can help ensure that every senior in our program has all the help they need this holiday season.

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